Experience our award winning massage together!

Couples Massages treatments are performed in the same room. Prices listed are per couple.

Swedish Massage (Stress Relief/Relaxation)

A light to medium pressured massage. This most common western form of massage therapy uses five basic strokes toward the heart that are designed to awaken and energize the body through stimulation of blood-flow.

Benefits include general relaxation, improved range of motion, relief from physical tension, dissolution of scar tissue adhesions, improved circulation which may speed up the healing process and reduce swelling from injury.

Signature Integrated Mellow Massage (A combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue)

This perfect combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue is what we’re known for. Integrated work is perfect for those who have specific aches and pains in certain places (like the neck and shoulders!) but aren’t feeling in need of a full out deep tissue massage. Have our therapists perform deeper work on those areas you need it most and spend the rest of your session time relaxing you into a wonderfully calm state of being!

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name implies, this type of massage affects the deeper sub-layer of muscle and fascia. Relieves chronic patterns of tension in the body using long, slow strokes and deep finger pressure. The treatment improves circulation, range of motion, and tension related issues. It also helps with chronic muscle pain, injury rehabilitation, and reduction of inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis.